Strategic Communications to Drive Policy Changes

Public Affairs

Our public affairs team is skilled in waging and winning policy battles in the UK and abroad.

As experts in translating complex issues into compelling campaigns, JPA can help navigate today’s dynamic policy environment and establish meaningful dialogue with the healthcare and regulatory influencers who drive change.

JPA helps clients understand the opportunities and threats in the changing healthcare policy landscape and provides analysis on the impact to business. We develop tailored strategies and tactical outreach campaigns that support clients’ organisational objectives and maximise influence.

We create the environment necessary to shape healthcare stakeholders opinion, raise awareness, manage issues, influence legislation and promote market access.

Public Affairs Services

  • Policy Media Outreach and Stakeholder Targeting
  • Policy Development Services
  • Regulatory support, including working with NICE
  • National Campaigns and Coalition Building
  • Regional Outreach and ThirdParty Programmes
  • Reimbursement and Market Access
  • Testimonial Writing
  • Policy Stakeholder Mapping: Global, Regional and Country Level
  • Policy Research and Market Understanding; Global, Regional and Country Level