Building Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

Advocacy Relations

Patient and professional organisations are instrumental in helping patients gain access to better information, education and services for their health. Forward-thinking organisations understand that strategic, collaborative initiatives with advocates can be mutually beneficial.

As the leader in activating patient advocates, JPA can help you understand the rapidly changing landscape, and work within regulations to create meaningful alliances.

Using our proven method for nurturing and enhancing relationships, JPA works with clients to gather intelligence and identify opportunities for engagement with the right advocacy organisations. Where relationships already exist, JPA can help develop collaborative partnerships with meaningful outputs that support patients.

Advocacy Services

  • Landscape and Policy Audits
  • Corporate Benchmarking
  • Advocacy and Stakeholder Mappings
  • Market Access Strategies
  • Patient Support Services
  • Clinical Trial and Registry Recruitment
  • Grant Development Support
  • Patient Panels, Round Tables and Ad Board
  • Working in collaboration with UK Advisory Boards, including NICE
  • Patient Education and Awareness Programs
  • Conversation Analysis and Audit
  • JPA Profiler┬«