To Be Clear: 6 Ways Pharma Should Uphold Financial Transparency with Patient Advocates

Early this year, two papers published in JAMA and BMJ reported on inconsistent financial disclosure practices among non-profit patient advocacy organizations and drug manufacturers. This is the [...]

Bringing Cutting Edge and Life-Saving Therapies to Patients in Need: The Reauthorization of PDUFA

On August 18, 2017, the Trump Administration quietly signed into law a measure that will have huge implications for patients living with serious and life-threatening illnesses. The law, called [...]

“The Best Day of My Life”: Helping the Pharma Industry Listen to Patients

Many chronic diseases are invisible. They don’t reveal themselves in ways that other people can see, with life-changing symptoms like pain or fatigue. Giving a patient the opportunity to share [...]

Overcoming Patient Advocacy Fatigue

For nearly every known disease or condition, there also exists a core group of patients and caregivers who care passionately about it: pushing for research, asking hard questions about new [...]

3 Ways to Securely Share Information Online

2014 was the year of the breach. The Home Depot data breach of 56 million credit card numbers. The Sony Pictures email breach involving personal information about employees and their families. [...]

Biosimilar, Not Biosame

Most people are familiar with generic drugs – often cheaper copies of brand-name drugs – but biosimilars are a relatively new concept in the U.S., although they’ve existed in Europe for several [...]