Social Sharing – Not Just the Icing on the Cake

Candy Crowley and Martha Raddatz, chosen this week as the first female moderators of presidential debates in 20 years, can thank three high school students and a solid social sharing strategy for [...]

AIDS2012: Clinton, Gates, & Zawadi Smartlove

How do you compete for media attention against the likes of Elton John, Hillary Clinton, and Melinda Gates at the International AIDS Conference?  Zawadi Smartlove, a lesser known (but highly [...]

Naming & Branding: A Top 10 Checklist

Healthcare reform is creating new models of care, spurring the creation of new organizations, and creating new opportunities for services and industry partnerships. It’s leading many [...]

Increasing the Need for Cost Communication

In 2006, Massachusetts became the first in the nation to mandate nearly every resident obtain a minimum level of healthcare insurance coverage.  Six years later, the nation followed suit. Today [...]