Stakeholder Engagement — Collaborating With Experts to Build Credibility and Extend Reach

People don’t make decisions in isolation. Nor do they make decisions just based on facts or numbers. People turn to their respected authorities (also known as stakeholders) in their fields for advice, opinions and expertise.

Because of their tremendous creditability and influence, never before has there been such fierce competition for their attention or such public scrutiny in how they interact with the health industry.

Improving the quality of stakeholder relationships, educating them about an organization’s vision, along with getting their unique perspectives, are all vitally important components of public relations.

JPA has extensive experience with stakeholder engagement on behalf of our clients that adhere to industry regulations and best practices.

We employ innovative and measurable methodologies to engage stakeholders on complex and challenging issues.

Stakeholder Engagement Services

  • Stakeholder mapping and identification
  • Thought leader cultivation
  • Global advisory boards
  • Coalition development
  • One-on-one meetings at medical congresses
  • Stakeholder engagement strategy
  • Speaker training
  • Physician outreach and communications
  • Strategic plan writing and development