Advocacy Relations — Building Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

Patient and professional organisations are instrumental in helping patients gain access to better information, education and services about their illness, as well as to the medicines they need.  Forward-thinking pharmaceutical companies understand that strategic, collaborative initiatives with advocates can not only meet patient needs, but also benefit the company.

JPA is the patient advocacy agency that can help you understand the advocacy landscape and the regulations that govern industry-advocacy relationships.  We have extensive experience building mutually beneficial partnerships between the health industry and the patient advocacy communities. 

Using our proven method for nurturing and enhancing relationships, JPA works together with you to garner intelligence and identify opportunities for alignment, engagement and partnerships with the right advocacy organisations.  For companies that already have relationships in place, we can support you to develop collaborative partnerships with meaningful outputs…which ultimately support the patient community.

Patient Advocacy Relations Services

  • Audit and patient advocacy mapping
  • JPA Profiler
  • Advocacy partnerships
  • Thought leader cultivation and networking
  • Advocacy benchmark survey
  • Patient panels and advisory boards
  • Coalition building and roundtables
  • Community events
  • Patient resources
  • Patient advocacy service briefings and teleseminar
  • Patient access
  • Clinical trial and registry recruitment
  • Grant development support
  • Patient education and awareness programs