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In a time when attention is a scarce resource - supply is 24x7, demand is exploding – leveraging the right influencers to get your messages heard is the key to your success.
Our clients tell us that more than ever; there are enormous demands on their time and resources - balancing an array of competing priorities with limited budget.
Within that landscape, the world of communications is constantly evolving:

  • Traditional media is downsizing and cutting back meaningful coverage 
  • Number of tools for communicating is rapidly multiplying
  • “Rapid response” can hardly keep up with the speed of Twitter
  • Audiences demand constantly updated genuine content to stay engaged or you will lose them

There are those organisations that will not settle for anything but the very best - they are always looking for the optimal way to reach their target audiences and hold their attention.
These are our clients.

JPA Health Communications is the leader in influencer relations - showing the smartest organisations how to maximize their resources and target key influencers to achieve real business results.

As one of the fastest growing healthcare communications firms, we are passionate about our work and focus exclusively on healthcare. We understand the impact of the changing environment and are able to identify key trends that affect our client’s business.  

We have helped organisations with everything from highly strategic initiatives to more tactical implementations to:

  • Raise awareness of a health issue
  • Secure print, broadcast or radio media
  • Increase web traffic to get your online messages heard
  • Establish or enhance relationships with patient advocacy organisations 
  • Reach policy makers 
  • Leverage relationships with global stakeholders and key opinion leaders

We offer services to make you successful and produce measurable results.

Our process is built to help achieve your goals – we fully immerse ourselves in your business and produce tailored solutions that drive real business results, within budget.

Effective health communications must leverage the influence of 5 key stakeholders.

  • The media speaks to consumers in a way that can drive changes in health behavior
  • The patient advocate community can champion an issue that advances your organisation’s goals
  • Policy makers. Whether federal or state, can have a dramatic impact on the goals you want to achieve 
  • Medical experts and key opinion leaders shape the discussion around critical health care topics
  • And digital and social media reach target audiences directly, engaging them in authentic conversations which compliment all other communications efforts.    

And all of these influencers influence each other.  By effectively reaching this circle you can achieve the results you desire.

JPA Health Communications.  Reaching healthcare influencers. Producing measurable results.