04/26/2013  |  Posted By: Carrie Jones

Many Americans are still reeling from the tragic events that occurred in Boston, Massachusetts and West, Texas last week. But, in Charlotte, North Carolina, the actions that shook our nation sparked a series of events pleasantly reminding JPA that “working together, ordinary people can perform extraordinary feats.”

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04/15/2013  |  Posted By:

Although recent media buzz around the Supreme Court has focused predominantly on high-profile social issues like Prop 8 and DOMA, pharmaceutical and biotech industry players have good reason to keep a close eye on the court’s proceedings this month. Today, SCOTUS will hear arguments on Read More

03/25/2013  |  Posted By: Andrea Still Gray

At the beginning of the year, Search Engine Watch heralded, “Keywords Are Dead! Long Live User Intent!” It’s a shocking statement - after years of carefully tuning lists of keywords, where are organisations supposed to turn next?

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03/21/2013  |  Posted By:

Healthcare choices are personal decisions that used to be made between people and their primary care providers. Increasingly, we see a number of specialists aside from our primary care providers – who we spend significantly more time with and are reliant upon for information.

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