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Despite the pervasiveness of the paparazzi, most A-list celebrities manage to keep their healthcare matters private. When celebrities choose to share their personal health experiences, it is a powerful tool to inform audiences about disease education, health screenings and helpful products. Read More

07/09/2013  |  Posted By: Carrie Jones

July 2013 - JPA has been accepted to the Council of Public Relations Firms, joining some of the country’s leading public relations agencies. Admission to the Council is indicative of JPA’s dedication to the highest standards for client service, fiscal accountability, professional development and ethical conduct.

The organization was founded in 1998 to advance the field of public relations by promoting excellence in the practice of PR and supporting firms’ value as strategic business partners.

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06/13/2013  |  Posted By: Valerie Carter

The Supreme Court unanimously voted today that genes isolated from the human body cannot be patented. The decision has been dubbed one of the “most significant rulings in the age of molecular medicine,” according to The Wall Street Journal.  

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Many Americans are still reeling from the tragic events that occurred in Boston, Massachusetts and West, Texas last week. But, in Charlotte, North Carolina, the actions that shook our nation sparked a series of events pleasantly reminding JPA that “working together, ordinary people can perform extraordinary feats.”

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